GNOME Visual Identity manual

Hi everybody,

Here is the first version of GNOME Visual Identity manual, all of them are 44 pages, there are include:


02- LOGO





Please feel free to make comments!

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9 Responses to “GNOME Visual Identity manual”

  1. Janne Says:

    You might clarify your post title; I thought this would be about a new manual for GVim… :)

  2. yuliansu Says:

    Thanks for your timely reminder:) I just put the full name “Visual Identity” in the title.

  3. bochecha Says:

    Wow, that will be incredibly useful for events and field promotion, thank you!

  4. B. Mille-Mathias Says:

    Hi there;

    thanks for reminding GNOME should be written “GNOME” :)
    about the colorset, do you plan to create a GIMP and an inkscape palette ? that would be convenient.


  5. Aloriel Says:

    GNOME 4.0?

    BTW: still don’t like Cantarell font, I don’t think is enough polished.

  6. diego escalante urrelo Says:

    That’s great work! Congrats!

    Is it available as a plain PDF?

  7. anon Says:

    >fell free

  8. GNOME Visual Identity manual « GNUpress! Says:

    […] Visual Identity manualPrima simpaticissima edizione di questa piccola presentazione visuale sul nuovo stile di Gnome 3.0.  La nuova versione del desktop non ha solo dato una nuova aurea innovativa  ad una comunità come […]

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